Monday, June 20, 2011

What To Do When Classes Starts

Summer is over and students out there are on their second week of their classes (some are on their 3rd week.) Lots of adjustments to do since last week.

• Wake Up Early

This is the number one rule we have to do and get used everyday. Because if NOT, we will be LATE. and we don't want that to be happened. So as much as possible, set 2-3 alarms that will wake you up. 

• Doing our Homework

Are you lazy in doing your homework when you got home? The thing is everything is on the internet and your best friend forever Google is always there to help you. That makes you go online and what will happen is that:
► You will check your email.
► You will check your social networking profile (facebook, twitter and plurk)
► You will check your blogs (blogspot, tumblr)
► You will check your favorite websites. 
And in the end, you will forgot to do your homework or you will sleep late. You don't want that to be happened. As much as possible, you have to moderate you internet usage during weekdays. 

• When Reading

You will sit or lie down on your bed in any position that you are comfortable and when you're reading your lesson for tomorrow (could be report or any oral recitation tomorrow) if you are on your bed, there's a tendency that you will fall asleep and you might forget some of what you've read. So, studying in your study-table will prevent from doing that. 

That's all for now. Hope you are enjoying your school days since you missed it for two months! :) Meeting with friends and same classmates since freshman is very nice. For those who are now seniors, enjoy the last school year in high school make sure its balance between studies and other school activities. :) 

Have a happy day! :)


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