Monday, January 18, 2010

Men's Bedroom Fears (part 1)

To be an amazing lover, your should tune in to your guy's most veiled sexual concerns and needs. Bedroom hang-ups for men are like his embarrassing relatives. Just like women can be sexual as men and men can be as self-conscious and worried like women.
I've asked experts and guys themselves to unveil some common,surprising between-the-sheets fears men have.

- "I don't want to tell her that her moves don't do anything to me." No man would tell you right up to your face that he did not like your turn-on tactic. He'd rather stay quiet than hurt your feelings.
- " I want to talk dirty but afraid that I'll freak her out if I do." You can initiate the dirty dialogue yourself. But it does not mean that you have to sound like you are auditioning in a porn flick. Sweet whispers telling him that you like what he is doing would turn your man like crazy.
- "I think she's faking it." It's so much important to tell him that he make your toes curl or how amazing that something is. But it's that important also to let him know that or at least give him clue that it's not happening. By that, he can try something different or help him out by putting your hand on his and showing him how do you like to be touch on your hot spots.
- "She doesn't like my oral technique." "Men have ESP, but if you respond positively to something they're doing well, they'll keep doing it', says Cynthia Gentry, author of What Men Really Want in Bed. So, if he's right down there, don't be afraid to moan, groan or lift your pelvis toward his mouth, to let him know you appreciate his efforts.
- "I worry she'll get pregnant". Every guy who's not ready to be a father and not ready for any responsibility is very much worried that he'll make a mistake. If you're using contraceptives like pills or condoms let him know. And show him you're serious about it.


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