Monday, June 28, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Trailer Out!

The finale of the worldwide phenomenon Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Aside from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be showing tomorrow June 30, 2010. Another blockbuster series that released its trailer for its finale installment.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's the best thing about summer?

I know, school just got started. Your body is now adjusting on your school schedules and activities unlike during summer vacation, you don't have to wake up early and you can sleep late at night. Now you're back in being a student, I'm sure that you still have a hangover about your summer vacation and sharing it to your friends in school. So, what is the best thing about summer?

No School

Yehey! You are like, you want to break free. No homework, no school projects, no exams and quizzes and no need to wake up early. However the thing is, you will miss your friends in school and you will not get a chance to see y
our crush in school.

Warm Weather

When we say summer, we enjoy everything under the sun! We go to the beach, swim in the pool, hang out with friends, you can help your parents in household chores, do some part time job, and of course, bond with your family.


If you are a beach bum, you'll love to wear swimsuit at the beach that makes you feel the summer. You are ready to go have sunburn or get tanned.

Road Trips

This is the best for me. Road trips are not really into "just" road tripping. It means that you go out of town with your friends or with your family and spend overnight or 2 days in a resort or in a place that is far away from the city life that you used to. Do chill and relax.


If we want to have a nice summer, some of the students enrolls in other workshop for singing, modeling, acting and etc. To meet new friends and to have their summer memorable for them. Enrolling in workshops can gained confidence and self-esteem.

And these are what we missed the most when we are in school. I bet you can't wait to have summer vacation again. Before that, you have to make sure that you have good grades in school. Stay cool in school!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Sticky Notes!

School just got started and here comes the rainy days. We are all excited what will happens this school year and what does our school store for us. Before that, being in school makes us busy and we have lots of school activities such as home works, school projects, review, exams, quiz, and the school organization that we involved in. I'm sure that there will be more meetings with your school organization you're into. As a student, you have to manage your time to each of your school activities. What you can do is to take note all your activities and put them as your reminders.

• Put a cardboard and post it in your wall of your room.
• Buy or create sticker not
es where to write your schedule everyday.
• Make sure that you will assigned each color to what activity you are into. For instance, Pink is for homework, Red is for Cheering
practice, Green for Student Council and so on.
• Make sure that you will read it every day or you will put it in a place where you can see and read to remind you.
• List all your schedules and do the math in time management.

And those are the basic things that you can do to take down your notes.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Back To School

Students now are very excited to go back to school. Students from grade school, high school and college. Since it's back to school, it means you have to buy "new" or "brand new" things that you will use for the whole school year. These are:

• Notebooks

• Pencils / Pens

• Bag
• School Shoes
• Uniforms

But it doesn't mean that every school year you have to buy new, you can still use your previous bag, uniforms and school shoes if its still in a good condition. To help your parents lessen theigo to tailoring your school expenses.

What to prepare:

• Check your school uniforms, if its still fits in you. You can go to a tailor shop to repair or adjust whatever defects that you found out to your school uniform.

• For you school shoes, you can go to shoe repairing shop to make it look new and shiny as brand new.

• For your bag, you can also have it repair to look neat.

• Have a new hair cut. Summer is over, student look is now in. To look neat and clean to your classmates and teachers.

• Clean and cut your nails.

• Handkerchiefs that you will use everyday. Face towels for your P.E. activity.

Since summer is over, traits that you have to change are:

• Wake up early. So that you would not be late to school.

• Eating habits. Eat breakfast before you go to school.

• Set at least 1 -2 hours for your homework everyday.

• Schedule the time for playing, surfing the net and playing online games.

• Sleeping time.

One more thing the students looking forward during school year is the allowance. Make sure that you will spend your daily allowance everyday as much as possible make a savings for your future needs like school projects. Stay Happy and Stay Cool!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Philippine Independence Day

June 12, 2010
Today is the 112nd Independence Day! Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino!