Monday, December 20, 2010

Sandara Park's New Hair Style

2NE1 group superstar girl  Sandara Park, who was once a resident of Manila and an artist of ABS-CBN contract after making waves in the network "Quest Star Circle," has created a stir in Korea with his new haircut and bold.

The star known for his fearless hair transformations published a photo of your new haircut last December 16 with an appointment in me2day.

Sandara Park, also known as Dara, who seemed a bit apprehensive about her new haircut when he said, "Dara 2NE1 reborn as a sophisticated city girl! But where is the sexiness and hotness? Instead, he became in an elementary school student! "

Fans and the Internet seem to disagree with Sandara apprehension, but, like his hair had numerous transformations trends in Korea and elsewhere.

Many fans said that her new bob cut actually makes you look even more beautiful than it already is.  It will not be a surprise to see a lot of imitators Sandara hair inspiration in the coming months. Sandara is also credited with popularizing the palm hair and hair byeomeori.

Sandara idealized version debuted her new haircut at the 2010 Music Awards Melon 2NE1 where he was recognized as one of 2010's Top Ten, as well as winning the Album of 2010 for "To Anyone."

It is clear from the response of the audience that the new style Sandara Park is a success.

So what do you think of new hairstyle Sandara Park?



Ellen ♥ said...

Nice haircut shes pretty :)

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Nice upgrade haha :)

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