Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Not Fall Asleep During Class?

A common problem to some students is to "sleep" during their class. Because they get bored while their teacher is having their lecture that makes them sleepy. As a student you should participate in your class to stay awake and keep your energy on high. Sometimes scheduled class in the afternoon makes you sleepy and bored because it makes you bored. What make it worst is that even during exam you can still manage to fall asleep. Well, that's a serious problem dude!

I asked some of the students on how to not fall asleep during class, and these are their answers:

• "Keep a pack of chocolates to eat inside the class if you are all
owed to. Your taste buds can help you stay awake." - Lyn

• "Talk with your seatmates, left and right! Hahaha!" - Jenny

• "Draw doodles in your notes, that makes you stay awake!" -Didie

• "Chewing gum or sweet candy to melt in your mouth." -Luther

• "Drink energy drink, to give you more energy! Yeah." -Kyle

• "Drink black coffee! Or espresso. Hahaha! -Neil

• "Motivate yourself to listen, learn and love the subject." -Regina

• "Participate in the class even if you have non-sense comments and suggestions! =D" -Anne

Try one of those
suggestions to keep you not fall asleep during your class. My number one advise, is to eat sweets to give you more energy, it could be chocolates, candy, or crackers. Be good during class!


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