Thursday, July 29, 2010


Online Bingo has made and has been making quite a splash in the online gaming industry since then. Similar to online poker and more recently, online backgammon, it is unclear how popular online bingo can be and if / when you can hit a peak, But early signs indicate that a large reservoir of interest has been appointed permanently!

Online Bingo has its basic rules. To summarize as clearly as possible, randomly selected numbers are drawn and shouted while players watch then match the numbers appearing on 5x5 matrices which are printed on cards purchased in advance only by the players. The first player to form a specific pattern (determined in advance, too) on your credit card numbers that have been called shouts "Bingo!," and wins!

When you play online bingo cards are randomly selected for you. Most online games give you 3 or 4 Card. Every online bingo game has a call or a bulletin board for the bingo numbers. The game pattern is also shown. It would automatically mark the number on your card for you.

Online Bingo is one of the online casino games that you can play. Enjoy! ☺


Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Not Fall Asleep During Class?

A common problem to some students is to "sleep" during their class. Because they get bored while their teacher is having their lecture that makes them sleepy. As a student you should participate in your class to stay awake and keep your energy on high. Sometimes scheduled class in the afternoon makes you sleepy and bored because it makes you bored. What make it worst is that even during exam you can still manage to fall asleep. Well, that's a serious problem dude!

I asked some of the students on how to not fall asleep during class, and these are their answers:

• "Keep a pack of chocolates to eat inside the class if you are all
owed to. Your taste buds can help you stay awake." - Lyn

• "Talk with your seatmates, left and right! Hahaha!" - Jenny

• "Draw doodles in your notes, that makes you stay awake!" -Didie

• "Chewing gum or sweet candy to melt in your mouth." -Luther

• "Drink energy drink, to give you more energy! Yeah." -Kyle

• "Drink black coffee! Or espresso. Hahaha! -Neil

• "Motivate yourself to listen, learn and love the subject." -Regina

• "Participate in the class even if you have non-sense comments and suggestions! =D" -Anne

Try one of those
suggestions to keep you not fall asleep during your class. My number one advise, is to eat sweets to give you more energy, it could be chocolates, candy, or crackers. Be good during class!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Play Casino Games Online - Try It!

There are so many games in casino that you can now play online. Since I'm don't have that much money to bet with. I play online casino games for free! Simple, what I did was I download the software and installed in my computer and taaddaaah! I can play now. For interested you can also try it. Watch the video below for the tutorial.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Favorite Spots Inside the School Premises ♥

Top 3 Places inside the school you hang out to:

A place where you can watch your ultimate crush playing basketball or having their basketball practice. ☺

A place where you and your BFFs [Best friends forever] can have chit-chat about everything you want to share; could be awkward moments, embarrassing moments or happy moments that day. ☺

A place where you can find peace. Where you can enjoy your own company. ☺ You can read your favorite book or write anything your thoughts of the day. ☺