Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Parties!

One of the school activities I look forward to in school is the Christmas Party! I am sure every student out there (if there's someone reading this) are also excited with their upcoming Christmas Party.

Note: Make sure to study first for your exams before preparing yourself to your upcoming party.

• Exchanging Gifts

For a gift, pick something that can be use everyday and something that can be treasure. :) But still its up to you.

This is very exciting! I am so excited to give my gift to my monito! :) And excited to receive the gift to whom picked my "code name" good luck!

• Outfit for Party
I want to make sure that I will wear an outfit where I am so comfortable and trendy. Will gonna wear skinny jeans since I am still a student and I don't want to wear some less clothes, more skin. Not a good outfit.

• Good Food
Don't eat too much because you might not have fun during the party because of overeating.

• Participate
Join the games! Don't be too kill joy. :)

• Have Fun!
Dance, dance, dance! :) This is only once in a year!



Kim said...

Me too! excited for our Christmas party! :)

Happy said...

Nice post! :) Still have to buy a gift for my monita! hahaha!

Laura said...

Interesting article! Thanks and please keep posting! :)

Amelia said...

Party! party! party! hehehe... December is a very exciting month for everybody... Right? Happy holiday everyone!

Women By Nature

bake and sell said...

Holiday Treats for everyone this December. I have few people on my lists that I want to give gifts during Christmas.