Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun and Stress

School is FUN! Literally FUN! :) Sometimes school is STRESS! Literally STRESS! That's how you describe school. 

FUN because you can hang out with your friends, you can talk whatever you want. Share every moments and see your crush every day! :) 

STRESS because you have to learn the lessons, memorized and review. Create projects and homeworks with deadline and you don't have time to go out with your friends specially when you have exams. 

That's what some students shouting out or post as their status on their social network profile. That was lame. 
School should be fun and stress. Should be balance between academics and extra curricular activities. You go to school to learn not only the subjects but also everything about life. Hmmm.. saying that "everything about life." 

It's true that you will learn a lot of things outside the classroom. But then again, school is about learning about all the school subjects require. HEY! Its part of our life. And sad to say not to all. :( 

After the bell rings, that's the time you will learn MORE outside the classroom, outside your school and that's what you call subject LIFE. :) 

Have a good day! :) Study Hard! :)



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