Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do You Listen to Music When You Study?

There are only two answers:

Yes, It keeps me going

80% of my correspondents answered Yes because it makes studying not boring. It makes you sing while reading your notes using your eyes and not makes you feel sleepy. It shows that you can concentrate on studying while listening to music because you can divide your attention and sometimes it makes you sing but the lyrics that you are singing are from your notes.

No, It's distracting

20% of my correspondents answered NO. They simply answered: “they can't concentrate reading their notes and memorizing the important points of their notes.” Oh-oh.

Does it means that students who answered YES are smarter than the students answered NO? Hmmm.. I can't judge them. In my case, when I was in high school, I used to listen to my favorite acoustic songs while I'm studying because it makes me feel calm and concentrate to my study. Except for the fact that there are love songs that makes me sing along and forgot to read my notes again. But it was alright because after I recite what I remembered to what I had read. (still smart! =D )

But if you are studying using your laptop, netbook or your desktop computer, plus you have internet connection. There's a possibility that you can divert your attention by checking your social networking site profile and updating your status. Tsk..tsk.. well, that's not good.

Study Hard but not harder!


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