Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Front or Back of the Class?

What we would like to get sit in front or at the back of the class? Our teachers practice the sitting arrangements before they will based it alphabetically. Well, if you are in grade school and in high school. Except in college we can seat anywhere. So where do you prefer to sit?


These are the seats that are vacant during first day of school. I bet you know that. Because even me I don't seat in front just to be the first to call and introduce myself to the class. Sitting in front are for students who are serious in their school academics and want to show their interests in studies.

The advantages of sitting in front are: (A) your professor can easily remember your name; (B) you can listen very well and focus to the lesson and (C) you can understand very well.

The disadvantages of sitting in front are: (A) that you can't talk to your seatmate; (B) if there's a question (sometimes out of the topic) there's a possibility that you will be the one who will answer and (C) you can't reply to the text messages from your friends waiting outside your classroom.

Sitting at the back is challenging because you have to divide your mind and your listening skills, because your seatmates at the back are very talkative and (sometimes) annoying. Whoa! I remember, when I was in my Junior year I was sitting in the 4th row or in the middle of the class (not really at the back) and that was cool. But when I was in Senior year I was sitting at the back (last row) and believe me, that was so cool spending my last year in high school at the back. I can talk to my seatmate while having our class and during exams, I can... Okay that's enough! hahaha! Like what I've said earlier, its very challenging and as long as I know, students sitting at the back gets higher scores at exams or quizzes and in recitation even if they don't listen to the lecture. I think because they know how to manage their listening skills while their talking to their classmates or they do their homework.

Depends on the class:

These are on my mind:

► If the subject is your favorite: You will sit in front of the class.
► If the subject makes you sleepy and boring: You will sit in the middle, so you can talk to your seatmate.
► If your not interested with the subject: You will sit at the back of the class and talk to your seatmates or sleep.

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