Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prom Issues

Prom Night is the most awaited event of the high school life. This is where you can find your partner or date for the night or the school administration will decide who will be your partner to be fair for all. But mostly in schools you are the one who usually look for a date.
Wanted: Date
All of us have qualifications when it comes to a date or partner. It is obvious that you can't hang out with a guy or girl with your opposite likes and dislikes, you two will surely not get along with each other. Our crush in school will be definitely perfect for the night, because its not only that you can be with her or with him the whole night, also you will get to know your crush or someone you like and you could also discover things that it could be impressive or not. Choose the one that have a sense of humor and the one who will get you along.
To Date or To Ditch
Finding a date or partner for your prom should be done at least a month before the prom night. It is also good that you have your list of persons in your mind. Just in case, for an option. Don't ever ditch your partner if someone will invite you even if he is your crush. So don't dare.
Cause you have a partner, both of you will have time to organize things such as:
a. Dinner Plans
Eating too much is not good when you are in the party. It is better that before you go to the party you already eat your dinner at home and leave that thing at home, you know what I mean. So that if you are in the party you will eat light and can dance without a feeling of a heavy tummy.
b. Your proper attire (what you two will be dressed out)
You two must have a theme in attire. So buying a dress or evening gown before you find a partner is not good. You must have a partner first before you two will decide what to wear. Plus you will easily catch your partner in the crowd dancing to other because you two have a theme outfit.
c. Your transportation
If the both of you don’t have a car, you can rent a car or limo that is good for 14 persons. You can go in groups or you can go to the venue with just the two of you. It still depends on what you two had decided.
d. Plans after the Dance or Prom
This is the plan involving your friends it could be an extend party in your friend's place and have an overnight staying there. Make sure that your parents know about this stuff so that they will not worry about you.

e. Picture Taking
Take a photo with your prom date so that you two will have a remembrance.

The Dance
This is the most highlight event of the night. Dancing with your partner in the dance floor is nice but for those who doesn't have a date its not. I just hate it when you're dancing with your friends then the slow music comes on and you have no date. This is will challenge you to ask some random guys to dance with you, and if there's no one you will just realize that you had asked the guy from your class yesterday. Sigh! You will watch the couples dancing and you are wishing that you also have one. But there's no one so you are sitting and leaning on the wall and waiting until it's over and leave. 

Can I Dance With You?
If you are asked to dance, don't decline the invitation of the guy, it is honorable to accept his invitation. Don't let him pass your way at least someone who extends with you. 

Don't Be Mute
For the guys that can't invite the girl that they love to dance because of the super “Shyness” sigh! She will melt if you will just look at her sitting and there's no one dancing with her, it's your chance man! If this will happen, ask her to dance with a smile don't be mute and can't speak when she look at you... you will look like a retard. Don't doubt and don't think negative like she will not accept your invitation or she will snob you, DON'T ever think about that because I' am sure that she will love to dance. (c)

Have a Lovely Prom Night! :)



Happy said...

Great tips! and yeah these are really issues during Prom. :D

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Nice post! :)

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These are great! :)


madam said...

Prom Night.Hmm.:) i remember mine 8 years ago.haha. I got my crush who was a senoir as a partner. It was kind of kilig.

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hello! great tips! :D check my page, i tagged you on my post. :)